On Friday the 16th of June, the following ACE students in Years 8 and 9 went to the University of East London, where they took part in a series of challenging activities to get them to think about studying STEM subjects at University:

·         Imaan Khaliq

·         Perth Maharajan

·         Tanheed Rahman

·         Minal Rajbans

·         Mahir Shaikh

·         Khadija Gaffar

·         Venugha Vethanayakam


They took part in E-FIT forensics, Medical, Robotics and Vehicle activities, where they worked in teams with students from schools across Redbridge.

The tasks were heavily Science and Technology based.

Students took part in three challenges and were awarded marks for their project design and team work.

All of the tasks involved working in teams mixed between the schools and the students showed great enthusiasm and great team work in groups with new people.

The students particularly enjoyed the E-FIT forensics challenge which involved using a program, used in criminal investigations, to digitally reconstruct faces of people.

Other challenges involved diagnosing patients in a medical challenge and building a small motorised vehicle with a driving mechanism, where groups then had their cars time trialled.

After all of the challenges were complete, the marks were tallied and students were presented with certificates and awards.

Two of our students, Mahir Shaikh and Tanheed Rahman, won the E-FIT forensics group challenge and received an award from Redbridge Councillor Thomas Chan!

At the end of the day, students were able to wander around the campus to get a feel for University life.

The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and did a great job of representing Beal High School.