47 KS4 Beal High School students were entered into the UKMT Mathematics Challenge, where top mathematicians across the country complete problem-solving questions. The national outcome is the top 40% get a bronze certificate and the top 13% get a silver or gold.

Our cohort far exceeded this!! Here are their results:

Bronze or higher: 75%
Silver or higher: 50%
Gold: 10%

These are amazing results compared to national averages and shows how talented our students are in Maths. We want to use this as an opportunity to celebrate their success and use this as motivation for other students to stay positive, to challenge themselves and to aim high in maths.

Zaeem Ghandi in year 11 got best in school and came in the top 120 in the country. Diya Patel, year 10, got best in her year group.

Well done and a huge congratulations to all our students.

Mohammed Kamran, KS4 Maths Co-ordinator