This November, Beal Sixth Form’s Year 12 cohort participated in ‘The Lost Hours Walk’ for Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) to raise awareness for mental health needs and support a charity that gives support to vulnerable young people across the UK; for more information, please read more information here:

The initial walk took place on Wednesday November 10th on our school campus field from 2:15-3:15pm during the usual PSHE Wednesday 5 slot, with an extended walk for those students and staff able to join around Wanstead Park after-school.

Whilst the weather could have been more kind, it was lovely to spend time together in the fresh air talking to each other away from the pressures of study and the distractions of social media. We had almost 360 students supporting on the field during period 5 and 22 others join for a tranquil extended walk around the local community.

For those who would like to, donations can be made via the official JustGiving page by clicking here: