On Thursday 14th July at 5pm 19 year 12 students presented their Health Inequality projects to an audience of friends, family, staff and other guests from academia, scientific research and the charity sector.

This term they have been working in conjunction with the Sangher Insititute, Wellcome Trust and the Social Action for Health group to deliver projects about health inequality in the UK, DNA sequencing and the need for diversity in research samples. Following the launch workshop day in May they have received mentoring/coaching online and all were impressed by their level of research, independence and effort shown in producing such high quality work.

Well done to:

  • Adeeba – ‘Making Genetic Research More Accessible in the UK’
  • Ann, Mehreen, Adiba and Atiq – ‘Genetic Research and CRISPR’
  • Aiza – DNA speech
  • Habiba, Rimjim, Maham and Liana – ‘Epigenetics’
  • Zahrah, Salma and Shabaz – ‘Medical Bias in Research’
  • Atcheya, Jeah, Samarah – ‘Genes and the importance of representative research’
  • Natasha, Hannah and Iqlaas – ‘Vaccines’

Grainne Colligan, Project Manager at the Social Action for Health group (Genes & Health and Change for Good), said, ‘I was so thrilled at how the students have taken this opportunity and really worked hard and learned so much about research and representation and all the issues they discussed. What a wonderful and inspiring group of young people!’

We were all struck by the students’ passion about health equality and they are clearly committed to challenging the status quo!

Next up we have trips to the Sangher Institiute planned for next term and further research project for Beal Sixth Formers to get involved in.

Many thanks to all those involved,

Mr MacLeod