Beal High School are pleased to announce the award of the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools School Mental Health Award at Gold standard.

Beal were acknowledged for being a caring school where, in addition to its strong academic outcomes, there being a culture of enrichment for every child in the school. The award recognises that the school structures, environment, ethos and culture is one that supports positive mental health and wellbeing.
The wellbeing of our students at Beal High School is highly valued and the heart of our vision and ethos.

Pupils have been recognised for their leadership, support of one another and supporting others in the charity work and awareness they raise on issues affecting their community and others such as supporting those who were affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster, shoebox appeals, supporting sickle cell charities and other events that recognise events and conditions that directly affect students within the school.

We teach our students how to maintain their mental health and wellbeing but are also aware of the need to maintain the school as a mentally healthy environment.
We are proud of all the students and staff at Beal and thank them for all of their contribution and continued hard work and support.