We are delighted to confirm that Beal High School has been awarded the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools ‘School Mental Health Award’ – Gold Status.

This award demonstrates that the school is Excelling across all the following competencies of the School Mental Health Award:
• Leadership and strategy
• Organisational structure and culture – staff
• Organisational structure and culture – pupils
• Support for staff
• Professional development and learning
• Support for pupils
• Working with parents and carers
• Working with external services

The school has continued to use the framework and content of the Award to very good effect to develop our mental health and wellbeing strategies, structures, and practices. This is an incredible achievement, particularly considering the two periods of school closure we have had and the longer lasting impact of the pandemic on students, staff and parents. It is all teaching and support staff as well as leadership at all levels continuing to drive and embed student and staff wellbeing that has contributed to achieving this award. One mustn’t forget the valuable contribution our students make with a strong theme across the school of students supporting local, national, and global charities, schools, and other organisations through their own outreach work.