On Wednesday 23 March, Year 13 ran the second Beal Cultural Day following the positive impact the first day had across the year group in October 2021. After the passing of Mahir Sheikh, the year group decided to use the day to raise monies for both the summer formal as well as to honor the memory of Mahir, donating half of the monies raised to Doctors without Borders, a charity reflective of the kind of person Mahir was and the profession he aspired to achieve.

Students in Year 13 were invited to pay £1 to wear cultural clothing and wow did they look good! At lunch, Year 9 prefects supported the event by selling a range of cultural food from samosa chaat, dholka and chutney (yum) and vegetable noodles to shortbread, saltfish fritters, jollof rice and jalebi. We had a veritable feast. We were graced with fantastic weather which only added to the positive atmosphere created by the students themselves and the ‘cultural’ playlist which had many students and staff dancing or shaking a foot. It was lovely to see a real celebration of the many cultures we have within the Beal community.

A huge thanks to staff who donated food and dressed in their cultural clothing as well as the students who made the day extra special. We raised a total of £284. Well done to all.