Held in Seven Kings High School at 6:30pm on Thursday 21stMarch 2019, a year 10 student, Tyresa Pakeerathan 10BA, took part in the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge on behalf of Beal High School. In front of a hundred people, presenting along with twenty other students from Redbridge schools, standing on that stage speaking for three minutes without a written speech was no easy task! However, family, friends and teachers cheered her on, and Tyresa stood confidently on stage giving an oration on ‘Living with Fear’, and how it, ‘has no place in our hearts.’ Considering the upcoming mocks and increasing pressure of GCSEs for year 10 students, this brave girl helped her peers understand that there’s nothing to be afraid of, and how our fears limit us and ban us from achieving our goals and getting where we want to go. And coming at a brilliant third place, Tyresa really did Beal High School proud!

“Like every other person that would’ve been up there, I was very nervous,” Tyresa had said the day after the event. “The atmosphere itself was really nerve-racking! But, despite all this, I thought it was an absolutely amazing opportunity regarding that I am a person who is an introvert and isn’t very confident. My form tutor, Mrs Bhamji, really pushed me forward into doing this and I really appreciate that she’s done that because only 4% of 19,000 people who get elected to represent their school were also regional finalists. I think I wouldn’t have found my voice if it wasn’t for Mrs Bhamji, who brought up the idea, and if it wasn’t for my mother, who pushed me forwards, and my friends, who supported me. Friends, family and teachers really make a difference in your life, therefore, I think that you guys should really look forward to this opportunity and try it. I really look forward to seeing a grand finalist in the future of Beal.”

Like so many others at our school, Tyresa Pakeerathan is an inspiration that we should all look up to and strive to be like, which includes taking part in competitions on behalf of our school and standing up for what you believe in.

Reported by Ayisha Abou–el–Seoud 10PR