On Friday 24 September students of Beal High School displayed the compassion and unity that we pride ourselves in having by hosting the Macmillan Bakesale to raise money and awareness for the Cancer Support.

Located in KS3, outside the KS4 canteen and sixth form site, several stands were held by the Year 13 Student Directors (Head Boy and Head Girl), and prefects from years 8, 9 and 10, selling a variety of baked goods from home-made carrot cakes and cupcakes to muffins and sweet pastries donated by other students as their contribution. On the Lower site there was a stampede of students and teachers all helping to raise money and support the Macmillan charity. It was very busy but a lot of fun. It was a great turnout to see the stands attracting students and teachers eager to try the delicious cakes, but it was even better noting the lively students who were curious to learn more about why we were raising money, and the heart of the cause itself. Raising money for the Macmillan Cancer Support was important in illuminating the philanthropy of individuals and instilling students and teachers with gratitude and acknowledgement that their donations can help support patients with cancer with their physical, financial, and emotional needs. Furthermore, this bake sale allowed an empathic bond to emerge throughout the whole of the school, unifying everyone together to actively support a cause that matters.

This sunny event provided many highlights for students and staff members:

“For me it was the uber service during period 5.” – Ms Pryce
“I really enjoyed the home-made cakes at the stall.” – Sixth form student
“The music at the KS4 stall livened the event!” – KS4 student

Thank you to Ms Pryce, Ms Sandhu, Mr Herga, Ms Walia, Ms Basar, Ms Hehir, Mr Panesar and any other staff and students who contributed towards the bake sale.

Overall, the Macmillan Bakesale was a successful event that has inspired everyone to be active supporters in the communities we are interlinked in and doing so in an enjoyable way. We are pleased to have raised £382 for this worthy cause.

Jathusha Kamalarajan Year 13
Inayah Aslam 8KT, Talia Brown 8EI, Avneet Soor 8BE, Simreth Grewal 8BT, Mehroz Malik 8CD and Ayesha Malik 8RD.