Mr Hussain – Head of RE

The visitors from Norway had an excellent time on Thursday 19th October at Beal. Our students were absolutely brilliant with them and they did themselves, the RE department and the school

proud. Our visitors were amazed at how well they spoke and interacted with them. They were friendly, open and charming.

Last night was all about the students who we are all very proud of. Please say well done to the following if you see them:

Sai Myint 7WD, Zainab Chohan 8KA, Jannah Habeeb 8KA, Naryan Virk 8PT, Sam Kaizer 9JP, Marliegh Stanton 9HD, Mya Kaur 10WO and Anjuma Gazi 10KH.

Bill Gent – BMAT Trustee

As you will recall, as I have done on a number of other occasions, I brought a small group of Norwegian university students plus their tutor to Beal High last Thursday in order for them to experience the daily life of an English Secondary school and also to learn about the place of religion in the curriculum and the lives of students.

Once again, the visit lived up to expectations and the Norwegian students left, at the end of the day, with so many positive impressions and creative ideas.

The factors leading to the outstanding success of the day included the following:
– the extraordinary way in which the Beal students who they met were able to communicate their ideas and express good will to the visitors. The two Year 8 ambassadors who showed the group around the school were delightful demonstrating, as they did, quiet confidence and good humour. The other groups who met with the visitors in the committee room showed great interest in the visitors and had plenty to say about their own lives and experiences. One string memory that stands in my mind: we were waiting in the conference room for a few more pupils to arrive when one of the girls looking at me said, ‘Sir, what is your favourite genre of literature?’ (Luckily, I was able to answer!) This immediately led to a fascinating conversation;
– the great orderliness around the lower school building. During lesson times, for instance, there was a great sense of people being ‘at work’;
– the strong position that RE appears to be in and the extraordinary strength (and personalities) of the RE team, led by Mr Hussain.

As a trustee of the school, I was immensely proud of what I saw.

What a school!