Co-Curricular Activities


The PE Department pride themselves on providing opportunities for students to take part in physical activity and sports outside of curriculum time. We feel it is important to encourage students to take part in co-curricular clubs, as it increases the amount of exercise they do and it inspires a passion for physical activity. We suggest students take part in at least two weekly co-curricular PE clubs, which will supplement their two weekly PE lessons.

Participation clubs take place predominantly at lunchtime, although there are also clubs before and after school. Students are free to choose the clubs they wish to attend and are encouraged to arrive promptly so they are guaranteed entry. These clubs not only contribute to a student’s active lifestyle but also support them in
developing their sporting, communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

There is no cost for taking part in our co-curricular clubs and all we ask is for students bring correct clothing for the specific activity.

Please see our PE Co-Curricular timetable for all the activities we have on offer.


Alongside providing sporting activities aimed at mass participation, the P.E department also provides training and competitive fixtures which focus on sporting excellence. This allows for high level hopeful young athletes to gain an opportunity to represent Beal High School in sporting competition against other schools in the Borough, County and Nation.

Pupils will be able to attend open trials for a variety of sports and if successful, they will be invited to team training sessions. It is at this point that they will be required to take consent forms home and have them signed by parents or guardians. On the day of competition an email will be sent to the Directors of P.E, Directors of Achievement and Progress, Directors of Key Stage, Principal and reception staff. This is to ensure that all of the necessary staff have information regarding the fixture, location, mode of transport, estimated time of completion etc. Additionally, consent forms containing medical information are always taken to the fixtures.

Some of the sports that Beal High School compete in are as follows;

  • Football (Autumn Term/Spring Term)
  • Basketball (Autumn Term/Spring Term)
  • Netball (Autumn Term/Spring Term)
  • Athletics (All Year)
  • Rugby (Spring Term)
  • Bike Polo (All Year)
  • Cricket (Summer Term)
  • Rounders (Summer Term)

Below are some of our sporting achievements in recent years;


  • Year 10 Boys Borough Champions – 2016/2017
  • Year 11 Boys Borough Champions – 2010/2011


  • Year 8 Boys Borough Champions – 2016/2017
  • Year 8 Boys Borough Champions – 2014/2015
  • Year 10 Boys Borough Champions – 2012/2013
  • Year 7 Boys Borough Champions – 2012/2013


  • Year 7 Boys Borough Champions – 2013/2014


  • Year 9 Boys District Champions – 2016/2017
  • Year 7 Boys London Youth Games Champions (Sports Hall Athletics) – 2014/2015
  • Year 9 County 100m Champion – 2012/2013 – A. Toppin
  • Bike Polo
  • Key Stage 3 Mixed Inter-Borough Champions – 2016/2017


  • U14 England representative – 2017/2018 – R. Bennet
  • U14 County representative – 2017/2018 – R. Bennet
  • U13 County representative – 2016/2017 – R. Bennet