On Friday 19th March, our local MP and Shadow Minister for Education Wes Streeting met with Beal students from yr 10-13 to answer questions about his life and journey from single parent family on a Stepney council estate to life as an MP in Parliament. He answered a range of interesting questions posed by students and spoke about the importance of extra-curricular interests and hobbies alongside academic ambitions. When speaking about resilience and overcoming obstacles in life, he spoke about the need for a support network, whether family, friends and school staff, and speaking to others about how you feel.

He reminded the students that education was the key to unlocking potential and a successful future. He also emphasised the need for us to cherish and value our diversity and always promote tolerance, respect and empathy. After the event he told us how impressed he was by the quality of our students’ questions and he encourages all young people to take an active interest in politics to have their views heard and make a difference to our community.

Watch now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ1S60L9ksY