Congratulations to the following students on their Redbridge Cup victory, which took place on Wednesday 17th July.

A solid performance from all team members especially Ickerham Almas who scored an impressive 102 runs.

Ubaid Arif – 9IT
Uzair Ahmed khan – 9IT
Josh sivadasan – 9CA
Saad Khan – 9KA
Yaseen yazdani – 9HJ
Subhan Khan – 10PR
Ickeram Almas – 10FE
Umer Khalid – 10HD
Imaad Ahmed – 10PR
Mohammad Rehan Inayat – 10LB
Zain Rehman – 9CA
Alex Cole – 9IT
Taaha Yazdani – 10FE
Haider Chaudhary – 10LB

They have also reached the quarter finals of the Essex Cup.