Science Week 2019 has been a great success! From the Science Spelling Bee to fun experiments and demonstrations and the finale, the Science Bake-Off.

The Spelling Bee with the Year 8 students highlighted their ability to demonstrate their literacy skills when it comes to spelling key scientific words.

Science Spelling Bee results:

  • 1st – Sharmei Krishnakumar 8CE
  • 2nd- Rodha Bana 8NT
  • 3rd- Humza Janjua 8WD

The science experiments did not fail to impress as students got involved and were intrigued by the variety of experiments and demonstrations. All an integral part in the development of our young budding Scientists.

Finally, we closed Science Week with a spectacular ‘Science Bake-Off’. Here, the amazing creativity of the students was showcased and their baking skills impressed, resulting in delicious tasting cakes!

Science Bake-Off results:

  • 1st-Hannah Naveed 8KL
  • 2nd-T’Ea Jay-Outtridge 9HJ
  • 3rd- Ayisha Abou-El-Seoud 10PR

Ms Felix-La Guerre (KS3 Lead Teacher – Science)