Beal Sixth Form Campus Team

Executive Principal / CEO: K Burns

Co-Heads of school: Y Andress & P Bray

Vice Principal and Director of Sixth Form at Beal campus:
E MacLeod

Assistant Principal & Director of Sixth Form at TFA campus:
M Mayet

Deputy Directors: A Amin (Quality of Education) and
R Morisiya (Progression & Personal Development)

BTEC Quality Nominee: J Rosenthal

L3 Head of Year at TFA campus: F Norty

Heads of Year at the Beal campus: V Vaghela and T Mooney

Deputy Heads of Year at the Beal campus:
S Sergeant and D Pryce

Level 2 Head of Year at the TFA campus: C Moseley

Student Services Manager at the TFA campus: J Cook

Special Educational Needs/Disabilities Deputy HOYs at the Beal campus:
S Colliss and S Tardelli

UCAS, Bursary and Admissions administrator:
V Goldreich (Beal campus)

Parental liaison, Registers, Requisitions/Trips/Events administrator:
D Saund (Beal campus)

Attendance and general administration:
J Bowman (based across both sites)

MDV co-ordinator: N Barnett

EPQ co-ordinator: H Williamson

Plus, a committed team of 44 tutors (34 at Beal and 10 at TFA).