Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is a field of wide variety and it opens pathways to many careers in the future. However, statistics portray a very low number of female students involved in STEM. The absence of women from STEM careers is a missed opportunity from a pathway which leads into a wide field of careers. Having more women in the picture will not only benefit women themselves, it will also help society benefit from their expertise.

A group of female Year 10 ACE students were invited to attend a ‘STEM in a Day’ event on Wednesday 31st January 2018, organised by STEMettes. STEMettes is a social enterprise program working across the UK to inspire and support young women into STEM.

The students had the opportunity to meet the inspiring Plexal Founder & CEO, Claire Cockerton. She designed and developed the innovation center in Stratford after the loss of her home in Canada due to it being burnt down. The students were also able to talk to Claire about her past experiences and her journey towards her success.

In addition to this, the students had the opportunity to collaborate with female students from Bromley High School to create home security apps. Having worked in pairs, students created and published home security apps which involved critical thinking combined with problem solving skills. Students had to present their apps to professional judges and winners were chosen.

During the course of the day students had the opportunity to listen to speeches of successful women which, by the end of the day, motivated and inspired most students in the group to seriously consider a career in STEM. Not only were the students motivated to go into the STEM field but they were also astounded by the success of those women.

It was inspiring for students and teachers to explore the range of STEM courses and the variety of pathways it opens for the future.

Written by Bismi Rahman