Year 6, 7 and 8 students were given the opportunity to come to Beal High School at the start of the summer holidays to participate in fun activities with their friends, under the care of trusted staff and in the safety of our school.

Each year group spent three days in school and participated in 3 activities per day. They had plenty of opportunities to mix with known and new peers, establishing positive friendships. Each day, food and drinks were provided to the students via ‘grab bags’.

Despite the temperamental weather, the students had a great time and participated in a range of exciting activities which were led by enthusiastic and talented staff.

• Art Attack – Art
• Spaghetti Towers – Design and Technology
• How does your story begin? – Drama
• Obstacle course – Physical Education
• Dodge Ball – Physical Education
• Balanced Burgers – Food Technology
• Rocket Science – Physics
• The anaerobic plank – Biology
• Gravity – Physics
Thank you to all the students who attended!
Ms Chantaduc