We decided to write this letter to the NHS staff at Queens and King George Hospital, to express our gratitude for all their hard work they have done during the pandemic. It’s hard to imagine the sacrifice made in order to leave your families, homes and other loved ones all to help people in need. Imagining the sight of innocents lose their lives from the frontline, is something possibly no one could wrap around their heads; the impact on yourselves and those around is an heroic act, that will be remembered years from now.

From seeing the pandemic taking on a life of its own, we witnessed so many lose their lives and families losing loved ones, yet the unsung heroes we label the NHS were there every step of the way throughout the past year. The news unfolded before us, reaching up to year, the effect taken on us all is something we share as a country now and unites us as one. We just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and the hours put in to help our country. We hope our letter was somewhat a cover for all thanks and positive thoughts, not only from us, but our families, fellow pupils, staff and citizens across the country, alongside us all.

Condolences to the late Captain Sir Tom Moore
We have chosen to write this letter to express our condolences to the late Captain Sir Tom Moore. Captain Sir Tom Moore was an inspiration to everyone. Not only was he a war hero, he was also a hero in the hearts of our nation.

While being ninety nine years of age, Sir Tom has raised millions of pounds and thousands of smiles around the country. As the future generation, we look up to this thoughtful act and the example he has set. Having celebrated his 100th birthday and sadly passing away, we wanted to recognise his achievements throughout his life. On behalf of our school, we wanted to pay our respects to the inspiration we see as Captain Sir Tom Moore.