The REAL Project

The REAL project stands for the ‘Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic Learning’ Project. This Project was set as a  challenge to Year 9 at the beginning of November 2016, organised and delivered by our KS3 REAL Project Prefects; Bismi Rahman (9SE) and Dilan Patel (9RM). The aim was to get each student to create an independent extended project based on the theme of the Twenty-First Century. This provided students with an opportunity to research, learn and create a unique piece of work based on an issue that was important to them. The projects created ranged from artistic canvases, essays, videos and models. Below are some examples of the outstanding work by Year 9’s this year:

Be A Leader opportunities: Year 9

Head Boy: Zakariya Zhai
Deputy Head Boy: Fahim Mughal
Head Girl: Sophia Khan
Deputy Head Girl: Rianna Vekaria
Charity Prefects: Emily Teo, Maya Makepeace-Mishkin
Environment Prefect: Romesa Rono, Arvin Ramnah
Mentoring Prefect: Hannah Bakht, Tameem Hoque, Calvin Devsi
Council Prefect: Sana Alam, Mutahhara Shamsuddin
REAL Project Prefects: Dilan Patel, Bismi Rahman

Prefects have been involved in organizing many events throughout the Year. REAL Project Prefects have delivered the project which started in November 2016. Charity Prefects have been involved in organizing “Christmas Jumper Day”. They have also been fundraising to support the work of Emily Teo who is soon travelling to Ghana to build schools.


Other Year 9 REAL Projects

Muslim Girls Fence

  • Some girls will be taking part in the “Muslim Girls Fence” Project in March 2017 This project aims to instil confidence and empowerment to young girls who may face discrimination due to their faith and gender through fencing.

For further details:

Challenge: ACE

Students will be attending a day at Cambridge University in February, to inspire them to apply to prestigious Russell Group universities. The day that has been outlined for them is:

  • Introduction to Competitive Universities’ session
  • Q&A with current students
  • Tour of Newnham College (including worksheet)
  • ‘Student Life’ group tasks – Budgets and Time Management
  • Archaeology Museum session

Go Ape

  • The whole of the year 9 cohort went to Go ape in September for a team building exercise. This was a very enjoyable by both the staff and student and has really allowed the whole of the year to gel!