Every Friday, staff are asked to award Top Dog postcards to students who have done really well and colleagues who have worked particularly hard! There are several different designs and there is a prize for the first person to collect the whole set!
They can be sent to say ‘Well done, Congratulations, nice work or Thank You’.
Postcards are signed by the Principal and Jasper (or student ambassadors!) will attempt to deliver them each Friday. A positive way to end the week!


Name  Year/Form  Notes
Shah Latona 13 Well Done!
Rory Burr 11 Well Done!
Ayan Shuton 10 Well Done!
Renussa Jeyarubun 10 Well Done!
Trey Brown 8 Well Done!
Ameema Haq 9  Well Done!
Kai Pillai 9  Well Done!
Kamran Bhatti 9  Well Done!
Yuvraj Singh 9  Well Done!
Tobias Yasin 9FE Congratulations!
Uzair Rashid 10RA Congratulations
Priyanka Bhatt  Well Done!
Angel Lanza Nice Work!

Excellent Effort in maths

Name  Form  Notes
Haysum Syed 10KH  Well Done!
Muizz Zaka 10KH  Well Done!
Arjun Sangha 10TH  Well Done!
Sarika Bhatia 10IL  Well Done!
Sana Alam 10TH  Well Done!
Ickeram Almas 9FE  Well Done!
Ravi Kantaria 11HZ Well Done!


Name  Notes
Eileen Tyler Thank you!
Amy Wilson Well done!
Bhavna Jivraj Well done!
Sairah Salim Well done!
Davinder Saund Well done!
Asmita Vaghela Well done!
Gina Larkin Thank you!
Jon Sydney Smith Thank you!
Rebekah Oso Thank you!
Polly Basar Thank you!
Aman Atwal Thank you!
Olivia Babb Thank you!