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Post 16 Transition 2021 - The Summer of Opportunity

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Post 16 Transition 2021 - The Summer of Opportunity

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Successful Study and Resources

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Successful Study and Resources

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Exams Update 2022

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Exams Update

Session 2 'Contingency' Exams

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National Citizen Service Trust (NCS) 2022

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NCS Letter to parents

Applying to Beal Sixth Form

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Applying to BSF



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ICT Training Apprenticeships

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On Tuesday 7th December, year 11 students took part in a Sixth Form Taster Day. Smartly dressed in sixth form attire, they participated in three A level/BTEC lessons before the Open Evening event for parents, learning about progression, pathways and future ambitions.

Start a career like no other – become a police officer in London’s Met.

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  • Work Experience is a compulsory part of year 11.
  • Year 11’s must organise the placement themselves but the schools careers hub can help facilitate ideas.
  • Your work experience should be scheduled for when your GCSE exams are finished (from the end of June to August).
  • A 2 week placement is ideal but 1 week is also sufficient. (Some students prefer to do 2 placements, a week in each organisation).

In the new English GCSE, 50% of the marks come from writing;
the best way to get better at
writing is by


We, therefore, suggest the following revision tasks:

  1. Read one literary short story per week.

Short Stories…

More Stories…

  1. Read at least one ‘Opinion’ article from a newspaper each week


  1. Each week, re-read an extract from one of the texts you have studied:

E.g. A Christmas Carol, ‘An Inspector Calls’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, the Poetry Anthology.

If you want more information on how to revise, go onto the Beal High School Moodle page and look for the KS4 En room; you will find there over 30 practice questions for each exam. ENGLISH EXAMS ARE COMING!


Dear Year 11 GCSE Geography students,

Please take advantage of all of these additional activities that you can be undertaking in order to improve your GCSE Geography grade in the fast approaching exams this May/June!

1) Every Thursday lunchtime (13:30-14:00) we are running drop-in sessions to answer specific questions you might have relating to GCSE Geography, to re-teach any areas you are unsure about, to set additional exam practice questions and to mark any practice questions you might have completed at home as part of your revision.

2) Visit and use your school log-in to access revision activities for GCSE Geography. Please note, this website contains some information you do not need to know for your exams, so do make sure you use this tool alongside the specification outline you were given at the start of each topic, to make sure you only revise the things that you need to know. If you need any help with this, please speak to your Geography teacher.

3) Use resources found on Moodle to revise lesson content and practice past exam questions.

4) Every lunchtime (13:30-14:00) you are welcome to visit the Geography block and borrow any of the revision guides, workbooks and textbooks that we have, so that you can find the revision methods which work best for you. Geography teachers will also be on-hand to answer any questions that you have.

We wish you lots of luck with your revision and preparation. Remember, we are here to help, so please come and speak to us!

All the best,

The Beal High School Geography Department