YEAR 13 TEAM @ Beal Campus

Head of Year

Mr Vaghela

Deputy Head of Year

Ms Sergeant

PACE Deputy Head of Year

Ms Collis


Summer School 2020

We at Beal High School felt strongly about providing your our pupils with the opportunity to experience their new or existing school setting...…...



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Letter to parents - Oct 2020

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Year 13 updates

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Sixth Form Absence

How to report an absence

Sixth Form Absence

Please email from the parent’s email address to for illness or other unforeseen absence on the day of absence, for medical appointments in advance of the absence. Absences must be authorised within five days of the absence.


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For information on apprenticeships, please download this document:

A parent’s guide to apprenticeships

Head boy at BSF celebrates Cricket Victory

Current year 13 head boy, Naivedyam Dwivedi, at Beal Sixth Form celebrates cricket victory. “Kishen Velani (43) batted well up top, but Nav (Naivedyam Dwivedi) to score 54 not out and win us the game as our youngest player was brilliant”.

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